Welcome to the Dark Side! Fight Klub Jump Start Tour

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Last Sunday was my first fitness event of the year – Fight Klub Jump Start Tour in Southend. Mel and I have never tried Fight Klub before, but I was really excited and pretty sure I was going to love it as Boxercise used to be one of my favourite classes. There’s something so satisfying in being able to punch and kick something that doesn’t hit you back! The gym I’m at now doesn’t offer it, and it’s one class that I really do miss.

It takes about 1 and 1/2 hours for us to get to Southend, and we have to go via the M25, so Mel and I set off at 10 for the 1pm start in case of bad traffic. It was a good job we did, as I made the mistake of putting Mel in charge of the sat nav and we rocked up at Southend airport instead of the David Lloyd club! Luckily, she’d only got one digit wrong and we weren’t far away, so we decided we had time to grab a quick lunch before going round.

We had booked our places by paying a £10 deposit, which would be re-credited to us after we had attended the event, and on the day all we had to pay was £1 entry and £1 donation to a local charity, which was amazing value! We went straight upstairs to have a look at the Fight Klub t-shirts, and were thrilled when we were told we could have one instead of having our £10 deposits returned – it totally felt as if I was getting it for free, as I’d paid the £10 weeks ago!


Our friends Ali and Sameena arrived and after we’d all caught up and taken a few selfies it was time to head into the sports hall. There were 4 people to each freestanding punch bag, but even though we had been among the first to arrive, we somehow managed to be among the last to actually go in to the sports hall, so unfortunately we ended up getting separated. Mel and I went on one bag, while Sameena and Ali went on another.

We’d all been asked to bring our own boxing gloves, and we put these on and got ready to start. As soon as the music started I knew I was going to love it – it was fast beat, loud, and brought back memories of my teenage years! Chrissy Harper was on the stage giving us instructions, and I remembered him being brilliant from Armageddon in November when he taught us steel combat. It’s quite hard to explain what we did, so here’s a video of us doing it to give you an idea! Basically it was 45 minutes of beating up the bag with punches and kicks, and a bit of twerking and high-fiving to add to the fun! It was great, and felt more like a party than a work out, although I was dripping with sweat all the way through it and I definitely worked hard!

After the bag section was up, we got into pairs and stood opposite each other in a long line down the sports hall. One partner held focus pads, while the other had to follow the instructions and punch them! I enjoyed this bit a lot, although I did find it a bit difficult doing burpees in between punches with boxing gloves on – that’s harder than you would imagine. Mel was my partner, and she cracked me up by backing away from me while I’m trying to hit her pads! After I’d had my turn we swapped, and Mel repeated the same routine.

Next it was time for some freestyling. I have to admit, I found this bit a little confusing, but basically what we did was Mel held focus pads while I hit them, then every few punches she had to move and turn away from me and I followed her round and punched some more, before swapping over.

After that, it was time to lose the boxing gloves for a bit of Totally Shredded, which was taught by Dean Heitman, the founder. This is basically HIIT (high intensity interval training) combined with combat moves and body weight exercises to music that is 150bpm. I really enjoyed this one, although it was pretty hard work! It was during this class that I noticed that, although I was clearly working hard, I was nowhere near as out of breath as I normally would be. I often find that my cardio fitness is slightly lacking, and my asthma makes it really hard for me to improve this, but today I was breathless but not in pain. I’m pretty sure I can credit that improvement to my recent Regiment Fitness sessions.

After that it was time for a quick lunch. The David Lloyd club had provided us with an order form when we arrived, so we could have our lunch waiting for us, but Mel had brought a packed lunch for us so we went and had that. I decided not to eat much, as I remembered feeling quite sick after the lunch break at Armageddon, and I’m glad I didn’t as we were straight in for Steel Combat afterwards!

Steel Combat is one of my favourites – it’s a non-contact class combining Boxing and Martial Arts, and was taught by Chrissy Harper. The last time I had tried it was as the last class at Armageddon, when I was totally exhausted and half dead, so I was looking forward to giving it a proper go! I wasn’t disappointed, it was just as great as I had remembered, and this time I had a lot more energy to put in.

Once we had finished that, it was time for Fight Klub round 2, so we got the bags back out. This time we were better prepared, so Mel, Sameena, Ali and I all managed to get on a bag together. This round was lead by Troy Dureh, the celebrity fitness trainer and presenter who came up with Fight Klub (as well as the 90’s trend Khai-Bo). We all had lots of fun with this one, especially when we had to shuffle round the bag and every single time we all managed to go opposite ways and crash into each other!

Last up was the bit we’d all been looking forward to the most – the Michael Jackson Thriller Finale! Interestingly, I had a Halloween party last year and after a few Jägerbombs Mel and I had spent most of the evening using YouTube to try and learn the Thriller dance (and failing miserably) so we were seriously excited about learning it properly! Troy taught us a few moves at a time, and I was surprised how much easier it was than it had seemed on Halloween… Once we had learned all the moves and had a practice run through it was time to put it all together. Everyone did really well and I was amazed how good it looked on the video.

And then it was time for the long drive home. It was such an amazing day, and I was so hyped that when I got home I went straight on-line to book for the Fight Klub Mayhem Event in Luton on 29th March. I can’t wait!

A new level of crazy! With Regiment Fitness

This picture was taken by Jeremy van den Bergh who kindly gave me permission to use it

This picture was taken by Jeremy van den Bergh who kindly gave me permission to use it

I’ve always thought of myself as quite fit, as I go to a lot of exercise classes, I take part in fitness events, and I walk a lot and play outside with my boys. So last week, when I thought I’d have a go at  Regiment Fitness, I wasn’t too worried. There was a special FaceBook offer to try five sessions for £10, and I thought it might be a bit of fun. Basically, it’s a bootcamp run by military trained PT instructors who have you doing a range of exercises and running around in the mud, with and without equipment. I’m much more of an indoor exerciser, so I was pretty nervous when I turned up last Wednesday with Mel. We found the instructor and other group members to be very friendly, so that helped to relax us. Even though I make a real effort to keep fit, I found this really tough – half way through the warm up I felt like going home! Continue reading

Making Exercise FUN!

If a new exercise routine was one of your resolutions, or if you are wanting to challenge yourself this year, you might want to consider attending a fitness event. To make this easier for you, I’ve put together a list of all the ones I think are worth considering! I’ve also included links to all their websites – just click on the titles to go through to the booking/information pages. Let me know if you’re thinking of coming to any and I’ll see you there 😉

January and February: Fight Klub Jump Start Tour 10 charity events, promising to kick start your year for £1 entry and £1 donation to charity. I’ve booked onto the Essex event on 25th January which is being held on Southend. The sessions include fight klub, warrior workout, insanity, steel combat, totally shredded, kettlercise, tabata, metabolic effect and a Michael Jackson thriller finale! There aren’t very many spaces left now, so you’ll need to get in quickly!

April: Armageddon The official dates haven’t been released yet, but we were told that there would be another event this April and I’m hoping to book as soon as the tickets are launched! I had an amazing time time at the last one in November, if you’d like to know more about it you can read my review of it here.

April: Fitness Fiesta, Hemsby Another one I haven’t yet booked but am seriously hoping to go to, this is a weekend event on 24th-26th April. There are other events taking place throughout the year and at different locations, such as Birmingham Hilton in February and Camber Sands (which is sold out) in March, so if you can’t make Hemsby it’s still worth looking at the website to see if any of the others suit you. The prices start at £70 per person for the whole weekend, including accommodation,and you can choose self-catering or half board. The classes include Body Combat, Body Balance, Body Pump, Body Attack, Sh’Bam, CXWorx, Grit, Zumba, Fight Klub, Insanity,Booiaka, Cheerobics, Gliding, Bosu, WaterWorks, Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Kettle Bells, SandBells, H.I.I.T, Indoor Cycling, Bootcamps, Nordic Walking, Aqua Fit, Metabolic Conditioning, Stretch & Relaxation, Body Conditioning, Step, Circuit Training and Aerobic Dance. You can take part in as many or as few as you wish, so it is suitable for any fitness levels. There are also Fiesta Party Nights and spa treatments available.

May: Walk the Walk I’ve not booked on yet but on 16th May I’m hoping to take part in the MoonWalk, London, which is a night time walking marathon for men and women to raise awareness and sponsorship money for breast cancer causes. This year they are aiming to raise £6 million. It costs £47.50 to enter, and as well as your entry you receive a t-shirt, a high-vis cap and a bra in your size to decorate and wear on the night! You also get a hot pasta or rice meal, plenty of water and a medal. There is also information and training tips on their website to help get you ready for this event, and they have a free training/fundraising app available for download.

May: Fit Beats This one is being held in Tewkesbury on 16th May and features 24 different classes, from Zumba to Insanity, and Just Dance to Body Combat, so there is something for everybody! Early bird tickets are available for £35, or the full price is £45 with discounts available for groups.

May: 3ness Fitness Holiday If you fancy a week of fitness, pampering and partying you may want to consider looking at a 3ness Fitness Holiday in Fuerteventura from 7th-14th May. You get 8 days and 7 nights full of classes, party nights, sports days and relaxation. There are lots of different price options available, starting at £235 per person. If a full week sounds too much for you, they also offer a weekener in Reading on the 20th Feb.

June and July: Race For Life This event is important to me as my mum asked my sisters and I to enter it for her when she had breast cancer and I also took part in her memory for several years after we lost her. I’ve not done it for the last few years, but would like to enter again this year. You have an option of 5k or 10k, and can walk, jog or run, to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I’ll probably be doing the Bedford 5k on the 14th June, and I’ll be hoping to run, although I may alternate between running and jogging! It’s £14.99 for adults and £10 for children to enter.

There will certainly be more events later in the year, so I will release another blog post nearer the time letting you know which I’m doing! Also, if there are any that I’ve missed that you’d like me to mention, please add them to the comments or email me at gymbunny81@hotmail.com and I’ll add them on.

Is Your New Year’s Resolution Realistic?

new yearHappy New Year! For many people, New Year means making New Year’s resolutions, many of which are forgotten about by the end of January!

For as many years as I can remember, I’ve resolved to lose weight. Ok, so I’ve done pretty well with getting more exercise over the last few years, but I’m still at the same weight I’ve been for at least the last 5 years!

Last new year I resolved Continue reading

Do we deserve all that life has to offer?


People spend so much time complaining. It’s too cold. It’s too hot. I don’t have enough money. I don’t have enough time. I hate my job. My car isn’t working properly. My family are a nightmare. My friends have disappointed me. Etc, etc. I’m the same! You only have to read through some of my previous blogs to see some of the things that I consider mega issues in life. But today, I’ve been looking at things a different way…

Continue reading

Armageddon – The last battle between Good (me) and Evil (fat) before the Day of Judgement

Forgive how dreadful we look, we had just completed Armageddon!

Forgive how dreadful we look, we had just completed Armageddon!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may have noticed that I’m slightly obsessed with exercise. What this means, is that I rely heavily on exercise to keep my mood positive, I constantly push myself to achieve things that my body doesn’t agree it’s capable of, and I constantly accept new (often unrealistic) challenges.

The latest example of this is the way I spent my weekend two weeks ago – at Armageddon! Six weeks ago, Mel and I thought it might be a good idea to book tickets to this event, to give ourselves a focus, and something to train for. Continue reading

You Can’t Park Here

no parking

Elliott, my 7-year-old, is a member of Boys Brigade, based at the local Methodist church. Sunday was church parade, so I took him and Oliver (11-year-old) along. The boys get BB points for attending church services, but we don’t practice religion so don’t normally go. As today was church parade, I thought we should make the effort to attend, so today was only the second church service I’d ever taken them to. Elliott was in uniform and met with the other Boys Brigade members in the back room, ready to parade down the aisle once everyone was seated, while Oliver and I went to take our seats with the other parents.

Whilst there, I was completely struck by the behaviour of my children. Usually fidgety, chatty and mildly hyperactive, they both sat beautifully through the hour and a half service. They didn’t wriggle, they didn’t talk, they didn’t try poking or annoying the people sat around them…  Continue reading

Losing my Best Friend

do not stand at my grave and weep

When I was a child I was really close to my cousin, Carey. As young children, we used to all play together, me and my sister Cheryl, Carey and her brother Matthew. We were all more or less the same ages. Carey was the year above me at school, and she was best friends with a new girl in her class called Sarah. As we got older, the three of us became close, and started hanging around together after school. We were all best friends. When we were about 11, we were allowed to go to the local park without supervision and we would go down there with a big group of other children and just hang, sitting on the swings and talking.

It was always the three of us; me, Carey and Sarah. We used to have such a laugh: going down to the beach in the summer, lying on the grass in the park, always talking rubbish about who fancied who and other girly things.

Sarah was very protective of me. Before she started at our school I was bullied quite badly by a lot of the girls in my class. I was very small, and very loud and opinionated. I think I drew too much attention to myself and was an easy target. But once Sarah was my friend, it all stopped.  Continue reading

Living with me must be… Interesting


It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that I have some OCD tendencies. In fact, on doing some research it seems that the majority of people have OCD of some kind.

I’ve always known that I obsess more than necessary about certain things. I didn’t really think much of it until a while ago, when my dad jokingly tagged me on a Facebook post entitled “You know you have OCD when these things drive you nuts.” I realise my dad wasn’t being serious, and that Facebook can’t be trusted for giving you a diagnosis on anything – I have also been told by Facebook that I’m bi-polar, my porn name is Pixie Springfield, my dwarf character is Sneezy and that my “real” age is 23 so I don’t really take it too seriously. However, this quiz did remind me of how, as a small child with a packet of colouring pens or pencils I would only take out one at a time and always put it back in the same place, and how my sister would deliberately empty them all out and then laugh at me while I cried and shouted about her “messing up my order”. I also remember once asking my mum to put my clean pants at the bottom of the pile so that I could make sure I wore them all… that was around the time she started making me pack my own washing away.

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Rest Day

Elliott shows us the best way to relax on rest day!

Elliott shows us the best way to relax on rest day!

Rest day. Rest. Day. Two words I never thought I’d be so happy to use. In order to help me deal with my grief, I have thrown myself whole-heartedly into my exercise. The only small problem is that I took the summer holidays off to spend with my children, and haven’t entirely committed myself to returning. So my strength and fitness levels are substantially lower than usual at the moment!

I didn’t let that stop me. I’ve had over a week of crying every day, feeling so low and empty and lonely. It’s time I did something about that. I recognise that my feelings of depression are returning and there’s no way I want to go there again.

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